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Cheerleading Fall 2024

Bantam Squad - Fall 2023

 PAL Cheerleading Fall 2024 | Open to Boys & Girls | Grades 2-8     

Our youth athletic programs are dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through sports.

The Fall Cheerleading program will emphasize teamwork and basic fitness training.   Our goal is to provide each athlete with an opportunity for personal achievement,

We will introduce a series of cheers and exercises in a relaxed, fun setting. Basic training, sportsmanship, cool stunts,
and maybe a dance routine.  
Our Program Director and Coach is Gia Romeo, Salve Regina University Cheer Captain Alumni, Coach at Gymnastics & Cheer Academy (GCA) and an Alumni of PAL Cheerleading. 


We are hoping to develop two age-appropriate squads: 
Bantam-Grades 2-4  |  Junior-Grades 5-8

Our season will begin Wednesday, August 21, 2024, and run through the end of October.  If PAL football teams make it to the playoffs,
we may continue cheering until the first week in November.

We will cheer for one home football game a weekend.
Games are expected to be Saturday or Sunday, morning or afternoon.  Once the schedule is finalized, the games will be announced.



Practice Start Date:  Wednesday, August 21, 2024  through the last week in October or the first week in November (playoffs)

Practice Days: Wednesday | 
Bantam-Grades 2 - 4   Time:   4:00 pm - 5:00 pm  | Junior - Grades 5 - 8   Time:   5:15 pm - 6:15 pm 

Location: PJ Romano Field at Saugatuck Elementary School  

Cost: $385.00  | Includes Cheer Accessories

Cheer Accessories:

Cheer Accessories: Two sets of Bows: Navy for the regular season, and
Pink for October/Breast Cancer Awareness.  The cheer-accessories will be yours to keep.


We need some volunteers for the fall season, if interested please contact Coach Gia Romeo

Cheer Squad with Coach Gia and PAL President Craig

WPAL Cheerleading Gia Romeo

WPAL Cheerleading Gia Romeo

President and Coach

Program Requirements

Uniform Deposit - $75.00

Please bring a check payable to Westport PAL Cheerleading to the uniform pick up or the first practice.  All uniform deposits will be held until the end of the season and the return of the uniform.

Items Needed for Practices and Games.

Practice: White tennis or sneakers | Water bottle | Sweatpants/Leggings | Long sleeve tops (cool days of fall) | Hair tie back | No Jewelry
Game: White tennis or cheer sneakers | Cheer socks and Bow given |
Water bottle | Uniform