Westport Police Athletic League-WPAL is a non-profit organization in Westport, CT. The Police Athletic League (PAL) has been serving the Westport community since 1948. Over 2000 boys and girls participate in Westport PAL youth athletic programs each ye

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Please review the important information below re: mandatory protective gear, equipment and clothing for female lacrosse players.


Players are required to wear & have:


  • Stick: Girls Lacrosse Sticks and boys lacrosse sticks are different. Please be sure your daughter has a girls lacrosse stick. These sticks are constructed differently, throw differently and are the only legal sticks in the girls game. Lacrosse sticks can be cut down to better fit your daughter by taking off the rubber end cap at the end of the stick, using a hack saw and replacing the rubber end cap. Starting in 3rd grade sticks cannot be shorter than 90 cm (about 35 inches). For beginning players through 6th grade, your daughter should place her non-dominant hand all the way at the bottom of the lacrosse stick and then comfortably spread her arms to hold the stick. There should be approximately 4-6 inches between her top hand and the head of the stick. If there is more than this, please cut the stick down. It's always better to leave it too long and check with a coach on where to cut it again. For 7th grade and above, we recommend leaving the stick at it’s full length, except for smaller girls.

    • 5th grade and above: The top of the ball must remain visible above the plastic sidewall after pressure has been applied to and released from a ball dropped into the pocket of a horizontally held stick. The ball must move freely within all parts of the head and stick, both laterally and along its full length.

    • 4th grade and below are allowed to have modified sticks with deeper pockets and shorter shafts.

    • The Goalkeeper Stick’s overall length shall be no more than 35 1/2" minimum and 48" maximum. The pocket of the stick shall be strung with six or seven longitudinal leather and/or synthetic thongs and stick lacing or be mesh.

  • Mouthguards: are required during all clinics and per US Lax rules, must fully cover the upper jaw teeth. They cannot be clear or white and cannot have depictions of teeth on them. They cannot be attached to the goggles with a tether as this can be a safety hazard. They cannot have any protrusions in the front of the mouth.  

    • Please ensure mouthguards are molded for a comfortable fit, as per package directions. The ends of the mouthguards can be cut to better fit your daughter’s mouth (and avoid gagging). Ideally, do this prior to molding the mouthguard to avoid sharp edges. Mouth guards must be molded unless your daughter has braces and is wearing a mouthguard made for braces.

  • Eye Guards: Must meet the most current US Lacrosse requirements. View manufacturers and eyewear which meets this criteria here.

  • Goalies: The goalie must wear a helmet with a face mask, a separate throat protector, padded gloves, a mouth piece, a chest protector, pelvic protector and padding on the shins and thighs. The helmet must meet the NOCSAE test standard. Padding on the arms and shoulders is also acceptable. For travel teams, the goalie must wear a top of the same color as her team over her chest and shoulder pads; and must wear bottoms which are in agreement with the team's predominant color or be black or gray.

  • Pinnies. Pinnies should be worn at all in-season practices, clinics and off-season clinics, as they are essential for drills and scrimmages. If you don't have a Westport GLAX pinnie, any pinnie is fine - any color, any team, as long as it has a white side and a colored side. If you don't have a pinnie, borrow from a friend. All new players receive a pinnie in the spring season.

  • Water bottles should be brought to all clinics, practices, and games. Please make sure they are clearly labeled.

  • Optional equipment:
 Close fitting gloves, nose guards and soft headgear may be worn by all players.


*REMINDER: NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED* Earrings can no longer be taped over. Please consider this when getting your daughter’s ears pierced. She will not be allowed in a game with earrings in. This applies to 3rd grade on.