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Thank You, Season Wrap Up, and next steps
by posted 06/14/2022

Dear 5/6A parents and players,

I want to thank you all for a wonderful season! Your daughters were a pleasure to coach day in and day out, and that's because of you. Your tireless devotion, enthusiasm and positivity has created wonderful humans that we thoroughly loved being around! I'm very proud of their progress and growth this spring. This was an especially high IQ group, and it made our jobs easier and exciting to watch them absorb and apply new concepts. They made it through some difficult spots, namely the Fairfield game and the first half of the Greenwich game at Conny, and came out on the other side stronger, braver and more confident. Super proud of them!!!!


A couple notes to wrap up spring 2022...


First of all, thank you SO MUCH for the generous gift!! I appreciate it so much!! It goes a long way around here and I thnk you from the bottom of my heart!


FEEDBACK - Secondly, I would love if you would fill out the end-of-the-season feedback survey. We read every comment and discuss ways to improve both as a program and as coaches. Any and all suggestions are very welcome. *When discussing a coach, please indicate which coach you're refering to, especially if you played on A and B. And please know it has always been anonymous. We see which team your daughter played for, to help us understand where changes need to be made, but otherwise your email is not connected to the response.  Click --> for the SURVEY


PLAYER EVALUATIONS - I'm working on individual evaluations and will mail them to each of you. I apologize for the delay! The end of the season gets a bit bonkers.


CLUB LACROSSE - There are multiple opportunities for part time or full time club play in Fairfield County. I'd be happy to direct you to individuals at any club, offer my candid thoughts on the programs, whether I work for them or not. I am a coach for Grizzlies (10+ years) and Ambition (2 years), have close colleagues at Gold Coast and can connect you with Sound Lacrosse as well. as rising 6th and 7th graders, it's about the time for now or never. It's possible to start in another year, but each year gets harder and harder to break in.

Most programs have tryouts the summer BEFORE the season you want to play - so if she wants to play next summer, she needs to try out this summer.

Club is a great way to foster your daughter's love and appreciation for the game of lacrosse, as well as her competitive spirit, and my favorite, team camaraderie and the hundreds of lessons we learn being part of team sports. Some clubs offer practice player positions, some offer only fall-ball play, though I believe that options is pretty rare.

The number one thing I can say about club is GO TO TRYOUTS and GO TO MULTIPLE TRYOUTS even if you aren't sure a) you want to play club or b) you're "good enough" for that program. You'll never know if you don't try, and trouts themselves are great experiences for the girls. The more they are in challenging, nerve-wracking situations, the better.


SUMMER CAMPS - There are local camps or you can travel and do overnights for the more serious camps. There's a tab on the website with club and camp links and info.

I just so happen to have some camps right here in Westport ;). 3 separate weeks: June 27, July 11 & July 25th.  Click here --> Westport Camps

My lax gurus say if a college has a good program, their camp will be good too.


I think that's it, again, thank you all so much for everything! If you ever have any questions about anything lacrosse related, I will always be happy to help!




Coach Amy




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Amy Alvord 
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